Friday 26 October 2018

TideBreaker and The Royal Court

From the depths they rise!

Anyone familiar with my blog can't have failed to notice my Imperial Knights; chief among them being The Fisher King.  I've now completed the third Knight in this little collection: Tidebreaker.

As well as showing off some pictures of her, I've included some extra pictures of the group and of her brother Knight Shellback and also some more details around the concept and their background -  Enjoy! :)

The Protectors of Corbenic

The world of Corbenic was settled thousands of years before the reclaiming of the galaxy by humanity during the great crusade.

Its original colonisation in the Age of Technology required the construction of vast artificial continents.  These colossal landmasses were created then garrisoned by a massive cohort of Imperial Knights which had been specially modified to cope with the unusual demands of the rich oceans that they would need to traverse.

Although cut off from the rest of mankind during The Age of Strife, Corbenic weathered the horrors of Old Night, but only with substantial losses to its Knightly orders.  When the Great Crusade reached Corbenic, the planet appeared untainted by the warpstorms which had ravaged so many other planetary systems.

But to believe that the only danger the colonists faced lay with the capricious tides of the warp would be folly.  Despite its natural beauty and bountiful seas, Corbenic required the massed deployment of Knight Armour for good reason.  For within the oceans dwell gigantic beasts; titans of the vast seas, who's attentions leave only destruction in their wake.

The mightiest of these creatures patrol the oceans in search of prey and jealously guard their territories - woe betide any careless freighter venturing out into the great dark Corbenician seas without adequate sonar detection and countermeasures...

Attrition from hunting these great beasts slowly saw the armoured Knights dwindle until but a few remained.  It is said that when the God-Emperor himself set foot upon Corbenic, he charged the remaining Knights with the sacred duty of protecting this majestic realm.  For the Emperor knew that now the storms of the warp had abated, other jealous eyes would fall upon the rich waters of Corbenic, thinking to claim its riches for themselves.

And so, in the 41st millennium, only a handful of Imperial Knights remain, loyally patrolling their homeworld, endlessly vigilant, forming The Court of the Fisher King.

Designation: Tidebreaker
Chassis: Armiger Warglaive
Piloted by: Ivraine Hiralden; Daughter of the Count, Warrior Mistress of the Isles.

Striding over the sandy shores, Tidebreaker is ever watchful...
As with the other Knights in this collection, Tidebreaker proudly bears the symbol of her house
A huge Harpoon cannon replaces the original thermal lance, with a spare shaft stowed underneath
A smaller, slender looking harpoon launcher replaces the traditional Armiger chainsword for close quarter fighting
The carapace of Tidebreaker is heavily weathered from years of hunting the great beasts of Corbenic within their aquatic lairs...
Each of the Armigers have an anchor which they deploy when hunting under the oceans; preventing their smaller frames from being tossed around by the vast currents
Tidebreaker's huge exhaust vents help to maintain pressures within the suit's core
She's spinning around, move out of her way...

Designation: Shellback
Chassis: Armiger Warglaive
Piloted by: Patrcocles Hiralden; First son of the Count and heir to the Throne Mechanicum of The Fisher King

Shellback in all his glory!
A nice close up of his wibbly features
I was pleased with his pose, especially the toes which are gripping the large rock on his base
The use of chain feeds and coils implies that once caught by the harpoon, the hapless victim is mercilessly reeled in by the sturdy Knight
Shellback's rather vicious looking drill - presumably used in defence or for carrying out adhoc repairs to underwater  infrastructure
Designation: The Fisher King
Chassis:  Cerastus Knight Lancer
Piloted by: Count Octillus Hiralden; Lord and Master of the Imperial world Corbenic

Count Octillus Hiralden
The Fisher King
Despite having slightly different markings and armament, I think these two Knights look great together!
The individuality of both Knights makes them feel like they have different roles and fighting preferences
When viewed together, you can see that Tidebreaker shares some of The Fisher King's colour scheme whereas Shellback maintains a more basic pattern
When viewed from above, I think the bases really tie in well together
The Fisher King's Trident - because I love it.
Designation: Sacristan Nautolex
Primus of the Corbenicium Mechanicum and Loyal servant of the Court

Designation: The Old Baron
Chassis: Questoris Knight Mageara
Piloted by: 'Mad' Baron Pellinore; Eternal seeker of the Questing Beast



Thursday 25 October 2018

Delving into the Archives

Seek and though shalt find some old stuff

I was searching for some pictures on my external drive the other day and rediscovered some pictures from about 5 years ago.

I thought I'd share these as I'm still quite fond of the concept behind each of the groups - I put together several groups of miniatures for a gladiatorial style 40k weekend called the Blood games.

Each team presented a different challenge and increased in difficulty as the player teams upgraded with cards that they could buy from the 'shop' after each battle.

It was a big undertaking as I ended up building and painting all 16 sets of adversaries on my own so that it was a big surprise for the players; not knowing what they were facing was key to the success of the Blood Games as they had to bet on who would win or lose their battles.  They could then use the coins they won during battles or in betting to either bet on the next round of battles or buy upgrades from the shop.

At some point, I may well convert the rules and teams into 8th edition and run the event again as it was a lot of fun!

All of the teams had a theme and all 8 players would fight as and against each of the arena teams with their own champion.

In order to make things a challenge, the teams were organised into 3 tiers.  Tier 1 was grinding chaff - killing them all within the time limit was a real challenge for more elite layer teams.

Tier 2 was a different kettle of fish.  Tricksy and tougher enemies made defeating the arena far more difficult.  The two teams below were both from tier 2...

Drukhari Archon's Court

At first glance, these guys didn't look too challenging for a player team to overcome.  But that's because, there was a sting in the tail.  As soon as the Archon was killed, he would curse the galaxy with his dying breath and submit to the rage of Khaine, becoming a living idol of destruction - an Avatar of Blood...

I love a good Archon's court.  They really are so full of flavour...

The armour of the team is painted in the same dark bronze with a deep red spot colour to tie them all together
Again, the Avatar of Blood mirrored the colours of the Archon, including his white mask which really draws the eye...
I love this miniature so much - I'm really glad it can now be used in an awakened state in a Daughters of Khaine army.
I carved away a Drukhari face to make the Archon's helm and filled the gaps with putty.  I love the blank white helm - it just adds to the feeling that he's a dispassionate monster...
Again, red was used as a spot colour on the Archon's pistol to make it look 'bloody' and tie in with the inner cloak
Never ask an Archon to skinny dip with you...

The detail in the Lahmian miniature is exquisite - it's a real painter's delight!
I had a spare head after constructing the first Medusae, so constructed a second one from spares. After all, two eyes are better than one! :)
Quite literally brains over brawn
Look deep into their eyes - they can help you stop smoking... by kicking over the pile of ash you've become!
Only very slight changes were made to one of the Sslythes to make them look unique
These guys are some of my favourite ever ingle sculpt miniatures from Games Workshop.  So much character and menace, so many arms!
I used real snake patterns for reference when painting these guys but in a more fantastic palette!
My Urghul was made from a Flesh Eater Courts Ghoul King.  Aside from making a base, the only thing I changed was a quick face resculpt and a finger nail trim! Such a simple conversion, but a firm favourite!

Drukhari Beast Masters

This team was a lot more straightforward from the player's perspective, but still packed a punch.  The hydraleth happily spewed flames over a more than one unsuspecting champion!

The beasts from left to right: Giant Ambull, Mechanical Razorwing Flocks, Clawed Fiend, Hydraleth and Khymerae pack
Each of the beasts had their own skyboard riding handers that were visually tied in with their chosen creatures
You can probably guess where I got my inspiration from the Hydraleth's colour scheme!
If you look at the Beastmaster's skyboard, you'll notice that it's adorned with 5 coloured Hydraleth heads
As he is supposed to be the leader of the Beast Masters, I gave him an elaborate skeletal mask and crown
Khymerae are such iconic sculpts...
...I only swapped out the back mounted spines on two of the beasts to make them unique.
This scratch built Ambull was quickly sculpted over a few evenings to give me an additional but original Clawed Fiend
This beast master proudly wears the amber hues of him monstrous charge
Although it was a very quick sculpt and the pose is a little wooden, it makes me smile to see a reimagined beast from yesteryear
I did try to reference the original Ambull sculpt, including these weird looking bulbous brainy tubules on his back
Annoyingly, I didn't notice the putty crack on his arm until I was painting it... :(
Clawed Fiend.  Classic.  Never leave home without one!
His handler looks a lot more brutal and armoured as he has to content with this angry monster!

The Beast Master is actually wearing a clawed fiend pelt!
Mechanical bronze razorwing flocks.  'cos you can never have too many clockwork killers!
 Thanks for reading! :)