Monday 3 December 2018

Truckzilla's Got Some Teeth

Just a quick post with some progress on Truckzilla for my Idris sponsored Gaslands team...

I've now completed the basic detailing on the flip side of this sculpt, added teeth and started construction on his tail mounted wrecking ball!

I've extended Truckzilla's the wrecking ball support arm and trimmed the tail / body back a little as the chain will run underneath as otherwise he'd be sat right on top of it!
The teeth certainly make him look a lot more threatening!  I very carefully cut the tiny teeth from a few small runs of 1mm thick white styrene (which is nice and rigid).  I intentionally made 3 rows of teeth for the upper mouth and the same for the lower jaw, meaning less bending of the brittle white styrene.
  I just need to sculpt the lips / gums around the teeth and add the gun barrel to the mouth.  I probably should have added that before gluing in the teeth, but I was too impatient!
The other side of the model proved tricky to sculpt all in one go without squashing details.  I reduced and flattened a small area of his back, his thigh and jaw before the putty cured.  I will revisit these areas in my next sculpting session where I also intend to work on his arms.
Here's the telescopic support arm I added to the pickup crane.  The wrecking ball will now have a longer chain for a better more destructive swing!
In this picture, you can see the small metal ring I have embedded into the plastic ball to act as an anchor for the chain I will attach to it.  I carved and added styrene spikes and will be sculpting around them to simulate weld lines and stop them from snapping off.