Thursday 19 December 2019

The King's Court Grows

The Fisher King's Court has now grown by two new Knights and there are more reinforcements on the horizon!

Hail to the king baby!

Deep Dive

I finished most of Deep Dive some months ago, but never got round to tweaking the last few elements and taking some decent pictures.  Unfortunately I didn't take any WIP images, but you should be able to make out most of the details in the images below...

Deep Dive is an ancient Knight Magaera pattern Knight armour piloted by Mad Old Baron Pellinore.
The additional armour plating on his thighs makes Deep Dive appear heavier and thicker set than other Questoris knights.
Deep Dive's huge Siege Claw is complemented by a prehensile tentacle which can be used to pull smaller prey toward his crushing grip and a rad cleanser to 'purify' areas at range.
The bronze plating at the back of the hull is intended to give the impression of a diving bell.
The deadly lightning cannon...
Deep Dive's face was a straight swap for one of the now out of print Forgeworld alt heads.  I think this head really fits the theme of the force, having the look of a modern robot submarine about it.
At Deep Dive's feet is a combination of industrial plating and sand - a common sight on a world where artificial and natural land masses go hand in hand.  The base is finished off with a little sea snail!
While at the back of the base, a small eel-like creature is hiding in the grates

Reef Thresher

Reef Thresher is piloted by Countess Caelia Hiralden, wife of Count Octillus Hiralden.  The Yin to his Yang.  The cheese to his pizza, etc...
Reef Thresher is a Cerastus Knight Lancer which I converted from an Atrapos chassis in a similar way to the original Fisher King conversion.  I needed a second Lancer class knight in order to use a Cerastus Knight lance (minimum of 2 Knights) at the next Titan Owners Club walk in June.  She was a lot of fun to convert and I'm really pleased with the final result!

I wanted Reef Thresher to be a little more feminine to contrast with her counterpart.  The pose makes here appear lighter on her feet than the Fisher King.
Putting the knight up onto the toes make it appear to be skipping forward lightly.
Reef Thresher is armed with a brutal looking drill which I converted from the Genestealer Cult Tectonic Fragdrill set.
The large torso lamp was an intentional nod to Gypsy Danger from the Pacific Rim movie
I installed a pressurised hatch into the Knight carapace, adding a nice feature to the clamshell armour
I used individual links to make the hanging chains on Reef Thresher - they look great but drove me slightly mad by jingling the whole time I was painting her!
I wanted the gauntlet to be different from the Fisher King, so I added long talons to the fingers; this had the added benefit of looking more feminine than her partner's stumpy digits.  Note the kill markings on the inside of her shield.
Again, I came up with a transparent shield design to bring her in line with the theme
I added extreme rust and weathering along with some sculpted barnacles to Reef Thresher's shin and knee pads, simulating the look of a machine that has spent long periods of time knee deep in sea water.
I added a lot of texture to the rusty areas to replicate the fuzzy look iron takes on when it starts to disintegrate 

Here are some WIP images I took while making Reef Thresher...

I spliced the drill with armour plating from a Knight Warden Gatling cannon, adding a small harpoon gun where the heavy flamer would normally live.
Stage 1 of painting Reef Thresher - spray silver then texture and weather the whole model liberally...
...this stage is always scary as it feels like you could ruin the miniature if you go too far!
This image shows all of the sub assemblies used to make Reef Thresher's shield.  Each component had to be fully painted before assembly otherwise I'd be risking marking the delicate transparent plastic
Getting everything to line up when assembling the shield was very tricky - there were a ton of dry-fits before anything was glued!
Much like the Fisher King's shield, I made sure that all of the parts fit together mechanically rather than relying just on some glue to keep it together.  This is important when you're working with clear acetate as it can very easily warp or cloud if you use too much glue

What the future holds....

Mudskipper is the third Armiger class knight which I've made for this force, adding the long-range armament of a Helverin Knight

I have a further two Knights in progress, but I'll be saving them for a future post.

For now, enjoy a couple of group shots - thanks for reading!

One big happy family!
I can't wait to use my Lancers to take on a titan!

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Dare you venture Into The Depths?

I've been planning an Age of Sigmar narrative event for almost a year now.  Although it's still at least a few months away, I wanted to give people a bit of a taster of what's to come!

Into the Depths

You are the lord of a growing warband seeking coin and glory for yourself and your chosen Gods. 
Following Nagash’s great Necroquake, whispers of newly revealed dark places, across the known realms have been carried to your ears.  Rarely do opportunities for such riches and power present themselves in these troubled times.  Although you move quickly to gain advantage, you are not the first to overhear talk of these places.

Tracking the source of the rumours is not easy, but you and a variety of your rivals eventually find your way to an isolated mountain shack within Chamon’s desert wastes.  From the outside, the shack resembles a poorly maintained mud hut, smelling strongly of decay and littered with the bones of what you hope were animals…  You pull back the ragged skins covering the entrance revealing what you first thought was a stinking pile of leather and rags until it speaks…

“My most humbled Greetings honoured guests!  The rumours you have heard?  Of course you have, yes!  Come to seek the truth of them?  Yes, yes of course; a much-wise leader would surely not pass on this greatest of opportunities for glory, riches and power!  Wish to hear more you do?  Then be comfortable in my humble dwellings and let me impart the knowings of which I have.

Of the recently discovered dank-dens I speak – by umbral portal, stony pass and hidden fissure have long forgot caverns been found.  For the knowing of ways and the guiding of feet you have come like many before you.  Few have returned from the goings, but those of the coming have given me their wisdoms that I might pass them on to far worthier men such as thee…

Guide your ‘parties’ I shall, to the entrances – but never until the mappings and warnings I have given you!  Of the depths we may know little, but to other more… exotic beings, the caverns are home.

To assist old Trelok in recalling knowings, he requests… a donation towards the upkeep of his fine abode!  Rarely after all, are wisdoms gleaned with no risk to self; perils of great magnitude have been faced in the gathering of the truths which Trelok speaks!  And the truths could save you undoings when venturing into the depths…”

Old Trelok collects your offerings gladly in a filthy bowl, coughing affectedly at anyone trying to avoid the giving of coin.  He quickly squirrels the coins away, hiding them deep within his ragged clothing.

In return, Trelok produces a dusty journal and unfurls several large maps.  He explains that 8 caverns have been discovered across the realms.  Each holds valuable treasures but also great peril for any who enter.

Although whispers of a 9th have been heard, he has no further information regarding what he calls the ‘Greathold of the Trogg-King’.  He muses that any who discover information as to the whereabouts of this cavern might be rewarded for such a contribution of knowledge…

Trelok offers his disgusting hut as a treasury for your most valuable findings.  Each warband is provided with a chest which Trelok explains will be protected by powerful magical runes which will prevent them from being opened by anyone but the pre-determined owner.  After testing the chests exhaustively, each warband agrees and sets off with hastily taken notes in order to venture Into The Depths…

Here are a few of the cave maps and some of my sketches which all form part of the event itself:

King Stolothum's Mine
Chamber of Illumination
Shroomy Hollow
The Beasthold
One of the curious inhabitants of Shroomy Hollow...
Don't eat the shrooms!
Stalagsquigs are right at home in the deep dark places...
Suffice to say that there are a lot of custom miniatures and scenery in progress at the moment along with some other surprises such as special items I've made for the event like this prototype...

Watch this space for more info in the near future... :)

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Dreadnoughts assemble!!


Every year I mean to post some Dreadnought images for Dreadtober (See if you haven't heard of it!) but I always seem to get distracted and forget!  This year, I finally remembered to dig out some images to show off my not insignificant collection of dreadnoughts.

I acquired them over quite a long period of time, but stepped up production and painting for a Warhammer World event back in the mists of time (about a decade ago!).  I painted all of my dreadnoughts (plus a cobra and shadow spectres for a friend) over about 2 months and was very pleased with the end results!  Please excuse the photography - these were taken some time ago with a potato camera.

These were painted as a home brew chapter: The Stone Guard, who were supposed to be an Iron Hands successor chapter, hence the inclusion of black armour on their first company veterans.  Their basic colours are grey plate and gold trim with black and yellow chevrons as a spot colour.  All Venerable Dreadnoughts within the force sport black armour; either on the entire hull or shoulder pads.

The dreadnoughts were organised into groups depending on their armament with one member being converted / painted as a venerable unit leader.  There are a couple of rank and file dreadnoughts who didn't fit into this rough unit organisation, such as the Heavy Flamer and Rifleman variants.

As with all Astartes forces, there are several exceptions to my colour scheme, with my marines from certain disciplines such as Tech Marines and Librarians maintaining their specialist colours.

On with the pics - I hope you enjoy them!

Group Shots

The 'Characters' from left to Right: First Company Captain, Devastator Captain, Company Captain, Techmarine, Librarian.

1st Company Captain
This First Company Captain is a firm favourite with his lightning claws and 'Tony Stark' pose!

 Devastator Company Captain
How better to honour a long serving Devastator Company Captain than to inter him in a giant metal wrecking machine armed with brutal heavy weaponry?

 Company Captain
In my mind, high ranking marines should be granted revered engines such as Contemptor chassis

Another favourite from the collection; I based his servo arm on a spare Contemptor multi-melta - nothing goes to waste!

Giant stompy robot which can also shoot you with mind bullets?  WIN!

Chaplain Dreadnought and 1st Company Venerable Honour Guard
I was always puzzled that Forgeworld didn't make a Crozius arm for this MK IV chassis... so I made my own!
All three Dreadnoughts are armed with brutal Plasma cannons for obliterating Heresy

Close Combat Specialist Dreadnoughts
The squadron leader is a Venerable MKIV with a flamer / meltagun refit.  An absolutely beautiful miniature from FW.

 Assault Dreadnoughts
A lot of people hate this older metal Venerable Dreadnought, but with some tweaking (extra thumb removal and head replacement), I really quite like it!

 Hellfire Dreadnoughts
Need a tank gone?  You need 4 metal stumpy armed death monsters

 Ironclad Dreadnoughts
When I originally made the Venerable squadron leader, FW didn't do a MKIV Ironclad - it's one of the only variants I don't have!  Anyway, I made my own MKIV version and I really like the look of it with the oversized Ironclad hands!

 Multi-Melta Dreanoughts
Out of all the Dreadnoughts I've converted, this little guy is probably my favourite.  In case you are unfamiliar with it, the model is based on a MKI chassis and legs. I had to trawl the net for a while to get hold of both the wider body and longer legged variants in order to create this retrofitted MKI. The main sarcophagus was made from Venerable and MKIV Dreadnought parts which had to be sculpted into the hull to form a nice transition.
I used a spare Contemptor Multi-Melta for the left arm, only needing to make the shoulder mount to attach it to the hull.
I built a suitably old fashioned power plant so that it looked like the precursor to the more modern MKIVs and Vs
Although I used the original arm, I had to painstakingly rebuild the fingers and sharpen up a lot of the details to bring it in line with my vision for the overall machine
The MKI looks right at home with his buddies :)

 Straggler Reserve Dreadnoughts
Mid-range fire support and close range conflagration.  Beauty thy name is Dreadnought.