Monday 25 June 2018

Reaver Titan Prepared To Walk. Standing By...

It's been a long time coming...

I've finally finished my Reaver Titan; Ferrum Dominus.  I started work on him an embarrassingly long time ago, but he's finally finished and I'm genuinely thrilled to be able to show him off at last!


Ferrum Dominus in all his glory.
Go ahead.  Make my millennium.  Punk.
Reaver sense... danger?!
Imperial Knight Errant can literally run between his legs!


Iron Skulls Legio symbol made from scratch!
Painting this giant Mechanicus cog took ages, but was so worth it!
Secondary Carapace - it's a shame that this beautifully sculpted cog is normally hidden!
You do have to wonder who has the job of washing bird poo off the hull...
"...may the blessings of the Omnissiah be upon me as I scrub clean this avian faecal matter..."

Remember - always use protection...  4 Void shield's worth!

Apocalypse Missile Launcher

Yo Dawg!  Heard ya like rockets...
Super-heavy kill markings plus a tribute to the long allied House Raven

Laser Blaster Arm 

Laser blaster.  When you absolutely positively must kill every other engine on the battlefield.
Danger of electrocution and / or atomisation.
Titan class kill markings and honours

 Gatling Blaster Arm

Nothing tells your Imperial Guard allies you care like raining giant burning shells down on them!

The level of detail on this kit is staggering...

Lower Body

Here to protect you!!
Ooops.  Sorry.  I'll fix that...
The Aquila is a raised Styrene shape which took a long time to draw and cut out..
Reaver feet are impressively poseable with a huge number of components. This kit is not for beginners...

Is that a Titan sized groin plate or are you just pleased to see me?  Note the honour markings for robo-genital kills

Note the manufacturing stamp and reference to the Forge world of Metalica
Tools to fix up the defence line...

Interior Details

I spy with my little optical lens array...

Note the black and white Moderati helmets...
So many dials...
Mmmmph.  Mmm. Phmrrmph.
Push dis one boss?

His piano skills are better than his singing voice.

Servitors.  Controlling the weapon systems or holding up the ceiling?
Apparently IN the ceiling...

Pipes. Lots of them.


As he represents such a lot of time, effort and money, I decided to get old Ferrum Dominus his own transportation crate.  I spotted this metal trunk while poking around an antique store and decided it would be perfect for him! :)

Looks the part doesn't it?

Fits in standing up with only his Apoc launcher removed.  He's even invited some little friends over!



  1. What stands out for me is clearly the weathering. I like the effect of the paint flaking of on the red parts. Always great to finish a project that has been sitting for some time.

    Really like the transportation solution!

    1. Thanks matey - it's nice that someone noticed! I don't use an airbrush as I prefer to paint everything by hand to ensure I have full control! The only downside is that it takes a lot longer!

  2. Mate, just seen your comment over at WeeMen, great stuff, love the weathering, chipping and detail work. Awesome looking Reaver (mine is Honorum - painted by Rich Gray, I'm working on my Warlord). It will be great to see your Engines and Knights at the next TOC Walk UK - it was brilliant. I will make sure I add your Blog to the blogroll at WeeMen so we can keep up with your progress. Whats next on the to-do pile?

    1. Thanks Siph - appreciate you adding me to the blog roll! I'm currently working on a Frost Giant and will be posting with my progress very soon! I'm also looking to finish Tide Breaker over the weekend, so keep an eye out! :)