Friday 5 February 2021

Trogg King Progress!

Big, Dumb and Beautiful!

Just a quick update today to show the progress I've made on my Troggoth King and his Dankhold Colossus mount.

The king himself is now nearly complete; I've fixed all of his components in place with bake & bond and fired him so all that's left is to do any corrections and add minor details with traditional putties.

I didn't make his spear tip in Sculpey as it's not the best material for the job - I'll make that separately and attach it as part of the final assembly.

I've made some good progress on the Colossus, having set the spines in place and started detailing the skin on his back. I also started blocking out his missing hand.  You'll notice from the pictures that I've also finally added a proper saddle for the king which has little bum cheek divots so that he sits snuggly atop his big beastie!

Once I've sorted out the missing hand and any other issues with the overall form, I will continue detailing the skin and go back to add further details like fungus and more stalagmites.  I also have a lot of 'hair' to add to his underside as moss has built up over the centuries while he's been sleeping in his cave!

Anyway, I'll stop banging on now - enjoy the pics!

The Trogg king in all his glory! Notice the giant puffshroom he's squeezing - the fumes were tricky, but look great!

From this angle, you can see his missing hand which is just a sculpey nub at the moment.  Completing that is the next sculpting session!

I took another image of him next to a Rockgut so you can see just how enormous the Colossus is! Even the Trogg King himself is about 10% larger than a normal Dankhold Troggoth as I wanted him to be bigger and even more imposing!

I blended the neck and skin before this firing.  I find that you need to do a whole area with sculpey to make sure everything is consistent, so I'd held off doing this until I was ready to complete his back

I was really pleased with how the feet turned out - especially the wiggly toes on his right foot!

The 'throne' is nestled in between the crystal spines, the Trogg King having 'removed' the ones where he wanted to sit!  Notice the butt groove and heel grooves which hold him in place beautifully

I even snuck a Stalagsquig in on the shoulder!