Friday, 5 May 2023

Ira Metallum Walks at Warhammer Fest 2023!

Ira Metallum finished at last! 

Ira Metallum on display at Warhammer Fest 2023

Anyone that knows me will be aware that I am a teensy bit obsessive and so taking the Imperator Titan to two events unfinished made me physically uncomfortable!  I had the pleasure of being invited to Warhammer fest 2023 to display Ira Metallum alongside the Titan Owner's club game.

It was an honour to see so many people in person and share my Magnum Opus with them - I was genuinely blown away by people's enthusiasm for my creation and the amount of effort I'd poured into it over the last 4 years!

I spent two full 12 hour days talking non stop about my Imperator model and was the most interaction I've had with the community since starting (and because of) this monstrous project!  As a result, I distilled the build down into a photobook to take with me so I could explain exactly how I sent about designing and building the titan - it's also a lovely keepsake for me to look back on!

It may seem a little self indulgent, but I think sometimes it's important to look back over a large project and pat yourself on the back for the hard work you've put in! :)

I used Snapfish as they have a lovely leatherbound window book which was perfect for this!

I was like a little kid opening this up for the first time!

It took me a whole week editing everything down to give a good view of the project

Everyone who came to speak with me at Warhammer fest loved looking through the book 

I promised previously on my blog that I'd share some images and a quick video tour once I'd finally finished painting her; I hope you really enjoy looking through!  Special thanks to @itsolano_  @mechs_and_monsters and @katas_trophies on Instagram for taking and sharing some of the images on this post!  I'd also like to thank @engine_phil on Instagram whose gorgeous Reaver Titan was placed for scale! You're all lovely human beings! 💖


  1. Beautiful and impressive mate, always blows me away the amount of detail in this project. It was a great draw and an eye catcher, so many people's faces lit up when the saw the Titans duelling and then when they looked up and saw an Imperator - blew their minds! Haha

  2. Such an achievement! Love to see Ira Metallum finished. And so many pictures of all the details, I could look at them for days on end!

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