Monday 10 September 2018

What's in the box II - Drukhari Surprise...

The box thing again?!

Welcome to another edition of What's in the box!
Previously on Kaiju Country I posted some images of a whimsical boxed project which I completed in a couple of evenings.  Today's offering took considerably more effort and is back in the land of Warhammer 40,000 - specifically back on the subject of those naughty Drukhari flesh-smiths in The Hex Haemonculus Coven!
It can be said that I have a penchant for 'themed' armies and paraphernalia; rather than pursuing a competitive meta munching list, I prefer to build my projects around what excites me in the hobby and go from there.
I have always loved the Haemonculus Covens and what they represent.  Twisted and sinister, these depraved flesh sculptors spend their unnaturally lengthened lives in search of the perfect form which they work towards with a horrendous amount of unnecessary surgery on less than willing patients!
To assist me in gathering my own experimental slaves, I put together a case.  Presented as a Haemonculus' personal collection of instruments, it's a theatrical, but I think it really represents my own hobby obsessions as much as those of an imaginary evil-doer!
The outside of the case - made to look as though it has been bound with the finest selection of skins...

Thursday 6 September 2018

What's in the Box?!

Today I wanted to focus on a few different subjects rather than just one...

First up... What's in the Box?!

The Box