Monday 1 July 2019

Titan Owner's Club UK Walk 2019 event

Having spent months in preparation, I finally got to attend the Titan Owner's Club UK Walk 2019 over the weekend and it was amazing!

There were 60+ Titan class engines and a similar number of knights in play over the weekend and it all took place over an absolutely massive 52 foot map crammed with amazing terrain built by the ToC organisers!

I didn't take a huge amount of pictures as I was too busy trying to survive against the Traitor legions and their heretical Knightly allies!  The photos I did take are below, to give you a flavour of my weekend experience.  I'll post some more detailed images of my Warhound Titans once I've applied the finishing touches.

The ToC hired a professional photographer who took literally hundreds of photos on the day, so if you want to see more (and why wouldn't you?!), keep an eye on the Titan Owner's Club website ( over the next couple of weeks!

Part of the amazing battlefield before deployment
There was a photo op before the battle began...
...and it was a magnificent sight to behold!
My Legio Metalica engines supported by a trio of knights ready for war!
Warhounds Fulgur Manus and Excidium Rex stride out to flank the Legio Fureans engines
While Ferrum Dominus takes up a strong central position in our quadrant to provide supporting fire
Lyden's Fureans Reavers smash their way through tank sized containers with scant regard for the Emperor's cargo!

Lyden's beautiful (and absolutely deadly) Warbringer ready to blast us to smithereens!

My view of the rest of the field...
The loyalist engines surged forward to overwhelm the traitor Legions, eventually carrying the day; but at great cost...

I just couldn't let the weekend pass without pretending to be Godzilla! :)

Thanks again to the ToC organisers for a spectacular event!  Helpful, friendly and really accommodating, they really were the stars of the weekend!  I can't wait for next year...