Tuesday, 19 May 2020

House Raven Knight Preceptor Rygan

Preceptor Rygan

In my last House Raven progress post, I showed a WIP image of the House Raven Preceptor I had next on my painting table.  Well, now he's finished, so I thought I'd show him off and give an update on my TOC Walk progress!

Armed to the teeth and sporting a mean looking face plate, I think he looks like a gladiator! 
When I constructed Rygan, I wanted to show that his Las weaponry required a lot of reactor power, so added numerous cables - they look great but were fiddly to paint!
I re-used the buzz-saw arm which I removed from the Kodiak when he got his upgrade.  It's actually a real rotary tool saw blade - I think it works perfectly!
I used a spare Atrapos Lascutter to make the Las Impulsor for Rygan. I think it works really well despite being a little larger than a standard Questoris class weapon
The right-hand side of Rygan's carapace, shoulder pad and weapon shield have the trademark House Raven chevrons which I managed to line up across the top plates
Getting the chevrons straight on the gun shield was... challenging.

 Here's how my force readiness currently stands:

Venator Light Titan Maniple:
Reaver Titan - 100% complete
Warhound Titan - 100% complete
Warhound Titan - 100% complete

Acastus Knight banner:
Asterius - 100% complete
Porphyrion - 100% complete

Cerastus Knight Banner:
Lancer - 100% complete
Lancer - 100% complete
Lancer - 0% complete (Optional)
Acheron - 0% complete (Optional)

Questoris Knight Banner:
Knight Errant - 100% complete
Knight Preceptor - 100% complete
Knight Paladin - 50% complete
Knight Gallant - 50% complete
Knight Crusader - 50% complete
Knight Warden - 50% complete

In other news...

Although I still have 6 knights left on this list, I am taking a short break from House Raven to work on the outstanding elements from The Court of The Fisher King as I need to make sure that they're completed within a similar time-frame.  I'll also be putting aside some more time to work on my Imperator Titan build, but progress on that mammoth build will be coming to another post in the near future!
Conga Blue has now been weathered and is ready for his panels to be painted.  Once his body is complete, I'll be setting him permanently into his resin base.  Stay tuned for another update soon!


  1. An Impressive collection of Knights. Personally I am not a great fan of house Raven but it is very well executed. Goods work sir. Conga Blue looks fantastic. You could almost leave it in that shade, very industrial. Looking forward to see more of your Imperator build.

    1. Thanks matey - I'm aiming to have Conga Blue finished this week - I'll also have some Imperator updates next week :)

  2. Another fantastic looking Knight. I like the Buzzsaw and the chevron work is awesome

    1. Thanks Siph, glad you like the chevrons - I actually prefer painting them than the red even though they're more difficult! I do them by hand as I can never get masking tape to sit straight on the curved panels!

  3. Lovely work! The deatil of the added power cables connecting to the weapons is really characterful - not only does it make sense for the las-weaponry to require some heavy current, having them flowing free on the outside enhances the theme of each knight as a unique machine.

    1. Thanks Xarf - I try really hard to make each Knight an individual and it's great to see someone else recognise that! I can't wait to get them all finished so I can do a massive group shot. Once I have them all painted, my knight collection will total 26!