Sunday, 28 June 2020

Into the Depths rejigged

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the 'Into the Depths' campaign event I was working on had to be cancelled.  Rather than consign all of the terrain, converted miniatures and resources to storage, I decided to rework it so that I can play with my son who is just starting to show an interest in Age of Sigmar.

The premise of the event was that a network of caverns had been discovered and each had a different theme, with unique monsters, terrain and items.  Below are some photos from the inhabitants of the first two caverns. Enjoy!

The Cave of Living Stone

At first glance, the Cave of Living Stone might appear to be a cold, grey lifeless cavern, but it's actually inhabited by some creepy, sinister monsters...

The main antagonist of the cave is a large and terrifying Cockatrice.  Turning any who venture into its lair to lifeless stone!  Only frozen statues and vicious stony creatures are tolerated by the Cockatrice, making navigating the cavern even more treacherous!

A foul Cockatrice stalks the darkness...
Towering over a hapless Duardin victim, while slithering around and crushing his warmachine, the Cockatrice lets out an ear-piercing shriek
With a clutch of slimy eggs to protect, the Cockatrice is even more dangerous to would-be explorers!
An ancient cluster of stalagmites form the nest of the beast.
I painted the Cockatrice in the vibrant colours of a modern parrot, albeit a giant warped version!
From above, you can see the cannon which the Cockatrice is maliciously breaking after petrifying its operator!
3 'Boneflayer' nests are ready to drag unwary adventurers into their murky waters while an abandoned Duardin cart shows further of previous unsuccessful attempts to explore the darkness...
A carelessly dropped bag of petrified dust, gathered from the Corridor of Stone Warriors 

The Corridor of Stone Warriors is a terrain piece featuring a number of the Cockatrice's victims turned to stone - some toppled and others broken - all equally silent...

Stalagsquigs infest the Cavern, snapping and tearing at the flesh of anyone unwary enough to stumble upon them
I made most of these stalagsquig clusters from putty, carved them from left over sprues or used spares from the troll kits.  The one with the large tongue in the middle is my favourite!

The Griffon Roost

One path within the network of caves leads back out into a secluded mountainous pass.  Named for the mighty beasts which circle the skies above, the Griffon Roost is as perilous as it is majestic to any who might witness it. 

The grassy peaks of this mountainous pass are home to some of the fiercest beasts in the mortal realms
This family of Griffons nest within the peaks
The peacock covered male constantly on the lookout for prey
The huge brown female Griffon watching over the nest
The trio of Grifflings explore their surroundings but don't stray far from the nest

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