Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Snapper and the Blowfish

Mechanical wonders abound!

The Court of the Fisher King
This week saw me finish two new units for The Court of the Fisher King; the Skorpius Dunerider Blowfish and the Sentinel walker Snapper.  The Court is really coming along nicely, with only 2 Skitarii squads, 2 more knights and the Knight Scions for 5 of the knights to go!  If I finish them in the next few weeks, I may even rewards myself with one last Knight and some Kastellan Robots before finally sealing the lid on this long-term project!

The Blowfish

It took a while to complete, but I have finished finished my Skorpius Dunerider, The Blowfish.  I am really happy with the final look of this miniature; I did make some small adjustments to the model including changing the crew and removing the long whip aerials, but in general, I didn't need to make too many changes to the kit.  The main build challenge was the base which was covered in a previous post - painting it was really enjoyable and I would highly recommend a Skorpius kit to any Mechanicus collector!

For a simple concept, this miniature took a lot of effort to complete!

The large resin base is a little excessive, but it is only meant for display, detaching from magnets within the hull when I want to remove the Dunerider
I'm really happy with the waves and spray on the finished piece - it really is skipping over the waves!
The split wake from the turbines works really well
The crew were intentionally all replaced with servitors - they won't get seasick like normal humans!
The Blowfish is painted in the same colour scheme as its Knightly companions
All of the servitor crew are armed with harpoons as is the custom with this force!
I really enjoyed painting this miniature; I really went to town with the rust and weathering! 
The rusted deck and internal hatches all showing signs of water damage
The sea base in all its glory - not the metal tipped flight stems which the hull magnets attach to
The two removable Servitors ever vigilant at their respective portholes
Grim and implacable, the Servitors exit the landing craft
Sacristan Nautolex hitches a ride
Even the Fisher King himself sometimes requires transportation!


Snapper was built shortly after The Fisher King but has sat unpainted for almost 2 years!  I finally finished him at the same time as painting the Blowfish.  Working on them both simultaneously allowed me to get them done quickly as I painted similar sections on both miniatures at the same time.

He may be the smallest walker in this force, but he's packed full of character!
From this side, you can see the front facing tazer on the main hull and the additional railing added next to the driver's hatch
Snapper has had his traditional Sentinel missile armament replaced with a multi-shot harpoon launcher!
The rear exhaust ports have filtration caps for underwater operations
Large air tanks fuel the harpoon launcher
Snapper's hull bears multiple yellow lamp lights like his larger Knight cousins in the Court

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