Monday 29 May 2023

Calling the Storm

Ash Waste Nomads Stormcaller

I recently completed another Ash Waste Nomad conversion; this time, I converted a Stormcaller for my growing tribe!  I wanted my Stormcaller to look a bit different to the standard Helamite riders, so I opted for a conversion.

Build Process

The conversion itself was a little more complex than it looks at first glance as there was a fair difference in size when it came to the Kruleboy I removed from the Gnashtoof  I used to make the Stormcaller's mount.  I carved away the majority of the Boos including the legs and some of the cloth covered pelvis.

This left the Gnashtoof a bit hollow, so I packed it with tinfoil before re sculpting the missing areas.  I also added a little more beaten armour to the rump of the mount.

The rider was made from a Dustback Helamite rider - again, heavily converted to fit the model.  I ended up cutting the saddle parts away and just using the Nomad's legs which I sculpted to fit the slightly larger saddle.

I removed the ruins and marsh plants from the Gnashtoof and tweaked it slightly, re-carving the feet a little.  This left the model with a nice pouncing motion which I quite liked!

No true Stormcaller would be seen dead without a staff, so I made him one from the original Kruleboyz boss' spear!

I added a rifle, a canister and some piping to the miniature, making sure to fill any gaps in the cloth and adding a strap for the rifle to hold it in place.

The whole conversion took a few evenings of work and I was quite pleased with the results!

I'm now working on the rest of the tribe and hope to have them finished in the near future!

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