Friday, 6 March 2020

Quake Hydra Rising

Quake Hydra - Fist of the King

I've finally completed my Acastus Knight Asterius and I'm very pleased with how he turned out.  It was an absolute monster of a kit to build with the additional headache of water effects on the base!

He's Big, he's mean and he likes long patrols along the shoreline.

Early on I decided to show evidence of underwater beasts which the Fisher King's Knights keep in check.  The tentacles were a great way of suggesting a threat while not encroaching too much into the overall scene.  I was very pleased with the overall composition as Quake Hydra is still very much the focal point! 

The 'lasered' tentacle and guard rail make me smile every time I look at them!

The Karacnos Mortar battery compartment still opens and closes exposing its deadly payload!

Just like his 'smaller' brethren, Quake Hydra is studded with extra details like the shoulder tow cable and numerous carapace lamps for his inevitable underwater forays.

Tools and other equipment are stowed away on the back of the Knight.

I like the separation between sandy beach and industrial elements - it's a theme I have incorporated into all of the Knights in the Court of the Fisher King

From the top down, you can see the heavily weathered carapace with little details such as the directional arrows on the Karacnos compartment and additional air vent

Another common theme for my Knights along with lamps are the additional bar grips and flywheels which you tend to find on submarines and boats

Even the Karacnos compartment is heavily weathered 

I painted the mortar battery with metallic red to make them stand out from the contrasting blue/green of the hull

I have added lugs and handles which allow the Knight's pilot to climb up the right leg to enter or maintain the Knight armour.  It may seem like a trivial additional, but it's practical and adds an extra element of realism

I decided to replace the standard secondary weapons of this Knight with Armiger conversion beam cannons.  I did this because it looks awesome!

I like to add different types of grass to the shoreline to simulate an exposed and dry shoreline where only hardy plants survive

Adding a ladder which from the platform into the water is another little nod to the fact that human beings have to live on this planet and they don't all have access to Knight suits!

The transparent resin was a very nerve wracking part of the build; thankfully it all worked out perfectly!  It does however weigh a ton...

I left the cowling off the conversion beam cannons as I liked the archaic brass mechanisms too much to cover them up! 

You can just see the damp seaweed hanging from parts of the Knight.  This was made with a very fine green cotton wool which was set with transparent medium.

Prepare to be converted.  Into your constituent atoms.  Heretic.

The familiar green, blue and white striped armour design common across the court was used on Quake Hydra

Oh hello there; could you please direct me to the library?

The severed tentacle has bubbled flesh where it was 'lasered to death'

The melted guard rail shows just why you shouldn't play with conversion beams.  Fluorescent paints were used to make the rail look like it's been super-heated

Soggy and disgusting.  Must be xenos scum!

The Court grows!  Another 4 knights are coming soon...

The Knight Scion Project

I love to add depth to my projects and I decided that a good way of doing this was to actually create the pilots (Knight Scions) for each of my Knights.

So far I have only finished two, but I'm really happy with the character of each one - my aim is to make each one a unique and interesting miniature in their own right.

Marcus Harnen; pilot of Quake Hydra

Notice how his posture mimics that of his striding Knight?

He's a stocky looking fellow; the perfect look for the Scion of such a mighty relic suit 

Next to his ride, he looks weeny!
Count Octillus Hiralden; pilot of The Fisher King

Come with me to the rolling sea where the weather's calm and still...

A Knight Scion of the highest calibre

The mechadendrites mimic The Fisher King's signature tentacled cockpit - it's also no coincidence that there are 8 of them!

His white hair and beard really draw attention to his face

Based on the now retired Reaver Titan Princeps miniature from Forgeworld, he's heavily converted but still has the regal bearing which the original miniature captured so well.

The Lightning Hand

Fulgur Manus "Lightning Hand"

Despite having finished and run him at an event almost a year ago, I have finally got myself in gear and taken some decent images of  my first Warhound Titan Fulgur Manus; so called because of his Turbo Laser armament.

I was very pleased with the final pose of the model and with the 'dead' Malinax Knight on his base.  I'm now in the process of finishing off my second Warhound Excidium Rex before I post some images of him too!