Tuesday, 25 June 2019


Last week I posted some WIP images of my Warhounds; today I wanted to post a quick update showing how I'm getting on!

Fulgur Manus (Lightning Hand)

My first Warhound, Fulgur Manus is now complete and ready to march out alongside Ferrum Domminus at the ToC Walk this coming weekend!  These are just some quick pics that I snapped; I'll be doing a full post on my maniple once I've completed the final Warhound.

Excidium Rex (King of Desolation)

My second Warhound is only about 50% complete, so I only have a sneak peek for you today.  His Carapace is nearly complete and looks a lot better in real life!

A journey into the Dank...

As well as Titans, I've been working on a Troggherd.  I've enjoyed playing Age of Sigmar 2.0 and have started planning a narrative campaign day for my local gaming centre here in Sheffield (The Outpost).

The premise is that the player warbands have discovered entrances to an ancient underground cave network and seeking both riches and glory, have entered the maze of tunnels in the hopes of claiming a worthy prize...

Although I don't want to give away too much about the event, there will be a number of treasures and upgrades which players can acquire through various encounters and battles throughout the themed day.

To represent these powerful artefacts and whimsical trinkets, I've started sketching some little vignettes for reward cards.  Below is a selection of my favourites so far although you'll have to guess for yourself what they represent...

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  1. Love the first Hound Fulgar Manus and the carapace shows a great way of realistic weather and rust. Nice. Love the outstretched foot. Great pose. Can't wait to see at the weekend!