Wednesday 22 February 2023

Returning to the Underhive!

Need some noice rich promefium guvna?  I gots just wotcha need...

It's been a while since I worked on anything other than the Imperator, so I was pretty glad to find some time over the weekend to actually work on something truly 'miniature' again!

I've been promising some friends that I'll finish my Necromunda gang and scenery so that we can have a few games and maybe even start that campaign I've wanted to play for ages!

Well, that time is now!!  I picked up my teeny tiny brushes again and have finished not only 6 of my Van Saar gang members, but a whole terrain piece along with some NPCs to go with it!

The fuelling station

Pretty much all gangs will need some fuel sooner or later, so after years of squirrelling away oil cans and drums, I finally got round to making this terrain piece - I was really keen to make some NPCs to go with it in the same way as I did for the bar.  Read on to see what I came up with...

The fuelling station consist of a main tower, a large generator and some fuel pumps.

The tower itself is relatively basic with a deliberately rag-tag feel to it so that it fits in with my other Necromunda terrain

Just like with the terrain I've already made, I used a combination of bright industrial colours

I love adding little extra parts for character like this plunger pump from the 1st edition ork battlewagon!

A worker hauling his fuel cannisters around the yard.  Note the flyers and tools dotted around to make it feel more real

The fuel pumps - someone's been a little careless....

At the top of the tower is the owner's private area.  With bottles of grog and his own private 'sun chair' to relax in, he's living the good life!

The owner himself is a metal character I picked up from Heresy miniatures.  He's reminiscent of Riddick from the Pitch Black movie...

At the side of the tower is a stack of oil drums - I painted them different colours to show just how haphazard things are in this scavenger's paradise!

This is a self contained scenery piece so it's pretty easy to transport.

I'm really happy with how the fuelling station turned out - I think it'll be great for battling over with our gangs!!

I like the rickety sun chair and drinks table in the corner - I think they describe the owner pretty well!

The fuelling station Dramtis Personae

Every important business in the underhive needs security and the fuelling station has it in the form of some monstrous guard dogs!

The dogs are pretty huge and scary - exactly the right deterrent for any light fingered ganer...

I went with a mottled skin pattern to emulate the hell hounds from the original Ghost busters movie which I believe Heresy Miniatures were inspired by when they produced the miniatures

This lowly worker take fire safety with a pinch of salt...

The two happy staffers fit right in with the scenery piece!
I have two more guard dogs to finish painting - these are the older metal versions which are slightly smaller than the resin hound I've already finished

They are the goodest of boys
Van Saar gang

Well, I have finished painting 6 of the 8 members I need for my starting gang.  It's taken me a while to get them finished as I chose a really tricky colour scheme and I keep getting distracted by other things!  I'm glad I knuckled down and got these gangers done - just two more to go and I'll be game ready!

The yellow and black armour puts me in mind of angry bees!

Sneaky gangers close in for some free oil...

My starting gang will consist of the following members:

Prime 130
Plasma gun 100
Las pistol 5
Mesh armour 15
Augmek         110
Plasma pistol         50
Las pistol 5
Flak armour 10
Augmek         110
Lasgun         10
Flak armour 10
Tek specialist         65
Grav gun         120
Las pistol 5
Flak armour 10
Tek         65
Lasgun         10
Tek         65
Lasgun         10
Subtek         35
Las pistol 5
Las pistol 5
Subtek         35
Las pistol 5
Las pistol 5
Total Credits         995


  1. Beatiful stuff as always! The blues contrast really well with the rusted metal on the terrain piece.
    And the yellow Van Saars look ace as well!

    1. Thanks matey - I'm trying to make each terrain feature individually themed and interesting - more to follow soon :)